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Dear Ms. Crujeiras,


On behalf of the New Jersey Highlands Coalition, thank you for your contribution to our 6th Tour of the Highlands Road Rally.

By generously supporting the event, you are helping protect the New Jersey Highlands water supply that more than 6.2 million New Jersey residents - you, your neigbors, and future generations - depend on. 

the event raised more than $1,200 and 20 people in their cars passed through several historic sites, gardens, rain gardens, forests, farms, farmsteads, areas that host globally rare species, abandoned mines and precious wetlands. The route is yours to enjoy with friends and family to explore the region's most ecologically vibrant and pristine forests.

We were very happy to include your logo in the offical route rally instruction package. Thank you again for your throughtful gift to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition.


With appreciation,

Julia Somers