Community WOWs

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Dear Sirs,


Please accept our sincerest thank you for your generous donation to POAC Autism Services.

We are so happy to have been your charity of choice, and that your Autism Fundraiser was a success! Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated and will help POAC Autism Services continue our mission of improving the lives of children with autism. 

Through donations such as yours, we are able to provide thousands of hours of training for teachers and parents, law enforcement officers and emergency responders every year; as well as, countless hours of Free Recreation Events for the entire family.

Children who previously fell through the cracks are now learning, communicating, and developing friendships with peers. Families and teachers are finding the support needed to reach these amazing children, and the community is becoming a safer and more welcoming place for everyone with autism and other developmental disabilities. This success could not be achieved without you.

Again, thank you for your generosity and support!


Gary Weitzen