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Daniela started with us as an hourly employee in Totowa Applebee's in 2013. She has worked in several restaurants in our area over the last 9 years, continuously being promoted and showing her success. Daniela is an exceptionally hard worker and successful in all her job roles, and has become an asset to our team in Clifton NJ. She has excellent verbal communication skills and is extremely organized. She is capable of leading a variety of initiatives, making her a great multitasker. She has truly shown she can thrive in this environment that has multiple work demands. Daniela is always willing to offer her assistance and help coach her co-workers when needed, making her a great addition to the team. She is very well liked among the staff and has excellent awareness of all specs and standards. She has always loved to receive feedback and will always adapt her leadership style to best meet the needs of her team. She is able to delegate tasks appropriately and drive initiatives independently when needed. We look forward to her continued success.

Please join us in congratulating Daniela on her promotion to Assistant General Manager!