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WOW Career Applebees

Nick joined the Doherty team in 2013 as a server at Applebee’s Edison. Following his success as an hourly employee, he began corporate training in 2014. Nick opened two new locations and assisted with many revitalizations in Florida from 2015 through 2018. During that time, he was also supervising in Applebee’s Union and Applebee’s Middletown. Nick began his MIT program in 2018 and following graduation became the Bar Manager at Applebee’s Clark. In 2021, Nick was transferred to Applebee’s Parsippany and immediately took leadership in the kitchen.

Nick’s dedication has helped him maintain great results, as well as, his strong knowledge of food safety, variance and Rosnet. He leads with a very high impact and positive approach. Nick’s training background has helped him to train MITs and develop the staff at Applebee’s Parsippany. He has diligently worked towards becoming Kitchen Manager and he does not shy away from a challenge.

Please join us in congratulating Nick on his promotion to Kitchen Manager! We wish him continued success!