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Sarah joined the Doherty team in 2009 at our Applebee’s Union 2 restaurant as a Server. She quickly moved up to Neighborhood Expert and soon after became a Bartender. Sarah moved to Applebee’s Edison as a Supervisor and gained critical BOH experience there. She became a corporate trainer and helped in Florida with some of the revitalizations in 2014. Sarah started MIT and then moved to Applebee’s Brick to work with the Kitchen Manager to continue building her knowledge in the BOH. When our Clark Applebee’s opened, she joined the opening team as the Bar Manager and eventually worked her way to Assistant Kitchen Manager. From there, Sarah worked hard to become the Senior Manager in 2016 and then was promoted to Kitchen Manager in the summer of 2017. She came back down to Applebee’s Brick at the end of 2019 where she has been the Kitchen Manager.

Since returning to Brick, Sarah has built solid relationships with the management staff, her team and other managers in the district. She has worked very hard to increase her knowledge on all levels of business analysis while maintaining her duties in the kitchen at a high level. Sarah is an asset to any team she has been a part of and will continue to be for any team she leads now and in the future.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah on her promotion to Assistant General Manager. We wish her continued success!