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In September 2013, Rachel was promoted to General Manager of Applebee’s Parsippany. She immediately proved to have excellent leadership skills and was promoted to Training General Manager a year later.

The Applebee’s Parsippany team has remained solid over the years with very low turnover. Rachel’s kitchen staff has over 130 years of combined experience and have trained countless managers. Spa results have averaged well over 900 for the past eight years and GSR’s are consistently under 1.2. Controllable profit is a definite strength, with sales and controllable profit increasing every year pre-Covid.

Rachel grew up in Parsippany and has many ties to the community. She works with town representatives to make sure Applebee’s is a featured business on local social media pages. These pages help attract job applicants, local store marketing, and community involvement.

Rachel and the Parsippany team were recognized as “Employer of the Year” by Employment Horizons, an organization that serves individuals with disabilities. She also works with local high schools to bring on students with disabilities to work at Applebee’s.

Please join us in congratulating Rachel on her promotion to Executive General Manager! We wish her continued success!