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WOW Career Applebees

Zach joined the Doherty team in March of 2014 at the Main Street location. He later joined the Venice team in 2015.

Through Zach’s hard work and passion for service the Back Of House blossomed under his leadership. There was an immediate impact on ABA readiness, FOOD COS, and labor. Zach has been instrumental in the Venice Success story.

During Zach's tenure at team Venice sales have gone to 1.9 to a projected 2.4 million in 2019. Over the past two years, Venice has had four 900+ SPA's (Including 2 SPA Champions). In 2019 Venice was awarded Business of the Year through the Chamber of Commerce. Zach has assisted in nearly every charity event, flapjack fundraiser and dining to donate that Venice has been a part of. On multiple occasions, Zach has stepped up to take the reins while the GM has been assisting other markets. Zach's commitment and passion for WOW is truly inspirational. Zach believes in WOW-ing our community and assists with community events. 

Please join us in congratulating Zach on his promotion to Assistant General Manager. We wish him continued success!