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Marina began her Doherty journey as a host in our Paramus restaurant in 1999. Over the next 20 years, she continued to work through all positions of our company and then eventually was drawn towards management. She was promoted to Assistant Manager for our Livingston restaurant at the end of 2001. Marina continued to work her way up to General Manager in Paramus. She opened Garfield and then transferred to Clifton where she took on the role of General Manager as well.

As a General Manager, Marina has proven that she has a strong ability to influence, develop, connect and work with others on her team. She develops long sustainable strong relationships with her managers and staff. Marina also continues to mentor managers that no longer work in her restaurant but for our company helping them stay successful. She always provides encouragement and support to her peers with her caring nature. Marina manages her time well and has a true passion for getting all tasks and projects done in a timely manner.

Please join us in congratulating Marina on her new role as Executive General Manager!