Career Wow's

WOW Career Applebees

Frances joined the Doherty team in 2008 as a Host in our Clifton Applebee’s. Upon graduating MIT in 2017, Frances was promoted to Manager in our Garfield Applebee’s.

Frances is extremely passionate and dedicated to her job. She has a positive attitude and never settles for anything less than excellence. She is hardworking and possesses the drive, skill, and the willingness to be a team player and a leader. Frances holds herself accountable for all aspects of the restaurant. She expects the best from her team member and holds herself to the same standard.

Frances has truly embraced the WOW culture and lives it every day; she also encourages her team to do the same. She is able to identify an issue that needs improvement and is constantly looking for any opportunity to perform better. She has been a big part of training future MIT’s and SIT’S as she is working in our Garfield Applebee’s.

Please join us in congratulating Frances on her promotion to Senior Manager!